Josh Freeman

Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets

Josh manages our Capital Markets desk as part of our Advisor Solutions Group with a particular focus on fixed income and structured investments trading team. Well-known and respected in the industry, Josh is charged with further developing and growing Sanctuary’s institutional business, while simultaneously expanding our servicing offerings to our partner firms. Before joining Sanctuary, Josh worked at International Assets Advisory trading fixed income products for large institutional clients that manage between $10B and $100B in assets. An industry veteran since 1996, he began his career as a retail financial advisor with an additional focus on institutional equity and fixed income sales. In 2002, he transitioned 100% of his efforts toward building a career in the fixed income segment of the market.

Most recently, as the Head of Fixed Income and Trading at IAA, he was responsible for the firm's proprietary trading account and also provided sales and trading support for the firm's approximately 200 financial advisors and their clients, while also servicing the needs of the firm's institutional customers, including private banks, hedge funds, insurance company portfolios, etc. Josh holds the series 7, 63, 24 and 53.

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