Jeff Kilburg

Chief Investment Officer

Jeff Kilburg serves as the Chief Investment Officer for Sanctuary Wealth.

With more than 20 years of investment management experience, Jeff is the Founder & CEO of KKM Financial, a boutique registered investment advisory firm he launched in Chicago in 2012. That same year, Jeff garnered acknowledgement from CNBC for calling that the 10-year note would fall to historic lows under the 1.5% level.

Jeff’s storied career began at the Cboe. There, he learned about equity options working with the founders of Mercury Trading Jon & Pete Najarian. He then joined Ritchie Capital Markets Group to work in the bond option with founder Joe Ritchie, the creator of the theoretical value of a Bond option, and his son Thane Ritchie. In addition to learning from a team of veteran traders in all of the various fixed income pits located on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Jeff was introduced to the volatility associated with fixed income, which created the opportunity for him to gravitate towards the bond futures pits. He subsequently became a team member and an assistant broker in the 30-Year Futures pit with the specialist group, JLS Group. Then, in 1999, Jeff decided to launch a floor operation of his own in the 30-Year Bond Future pit. After the benchmark was switched from the 30-Year Bond to the 10-Year Note in the early 2000s, he transitioned into the 10-Year Note pit and became one of the larger market makers there.

Understanding of the U.S. Treasury Curve has proven applicable across various futures markets and has allowed Jeff to distinguish himself from his peers. Today Jeff is a well-established CNBC Contributor sharing his insights regularly on the markets. In addition, he is regularly often featured by the media and speaks at a variety of conferences globally.

Jeff is a graduate from the Mendoza College of Business at The University of Notre Dame, where he was a four-year football scholarship student-athlete, playing under Lou Holtz.

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