Independence Calculator

Independence Calculator

Independence can be a
well-calculated move.
The typical grid payout at a wirehouse is 44%. Your employer is keeping the other 56%. – for what? Over 15 years, that adds up to a tremendous amount of money – your money. Most advisors choose independence because they are entrepreneurs at heart and crave freedom, flexibility and control. They are often surprised to find that independence also provides much higher take home income and unlocks the value of what should be their largest asset – their business.
Take advantage of this simple calculator to understand what going independent can mean for your cash flow and your net worth.
Just plug in 4 simple numbers:
  • Your AUM
  • Your trailing 12-month revenue
  • How much would you need to pay your support staff
  • Current pay out rate
Hit SUBMIT to compare popular wirehouse recruiting deals to going independent with Sanctuary Wealth. Keep in mind with the wirehouse deals you’ll be locked up in a long-term contract.

* Trailing 12 revenue at current firm. Input must be above $1,000,000 for a valid calculation.

* Total Assets Under Management at current firm.

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Based On:

Total Aum:

Trailing 12 Revenue:

Support Staff Overhead:

Wire Grid Payout:


  • Upfront Payment Available
  • 78% - 94% 1099 Entity Income Rates
  • Market Value of Business

Wire 1

  • 120% Upfront
  • 45% Payout
  • 8 Year W2 Guarantee of 140% of Prior Firm
  • Retire in Place Program

Wire 2

  • 325% Total Deal (upfront & Back end)
  • 45% Grid Rate
  • Retire in Place Program

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