Independent Advisors


Sanctuary Wealth attracts elite advisors,

because we offer what they need: turnkey resources, economies of scale, strategic guidance, industry expertise and a safety net of operational support. In addition, we give each advisor the independence, flexibility and control to focus on what matters most to them: working with clients and growing their business.

Own Your Future

When you work with Sanctuary Wealth, you are able to take control of your own destiny. Our advisors are partners, not employees, fully empowered to make important decisions.

Define Your Legacy

Some independent advisors will turn to Sanctuary Wealth because they value their independence, but no longer wish to ‘go it alone.’


One of the ways that we help our partner firms grow their business is through Tuck-ins.

Some independent advisors enjoy a current level of success but recognize that sustaining the profitability of their practice – or growing it effectively – requires a modification to their business model. They will turn to Sanctuary Wealth to access our platform and the many distinct client solutions that we offer. These advisors retain their independence and their relationship with us is limited to a resource partnership. However, we treat them with tremendous care and respect and ensure that they are finding true value through our offerings. Like our partner firms, they gain access to our operational and technology platform, as well as our value-added support solutions, ranging from brokerage and investment banking services to insurance and family office services.


Some independent advisors will turn to Sanctuary Wealth because they may be nearing retirement and, without a succession plan, they’re considering a sale to either fully or partially exit the business. Through our own investment banking and financing businesses, we have built-in valuation services that can help advisors best determine their next step.
In case of exits, we can offer three options.

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