Auric Capital Partners is the Latest $1 Billion+ Team to Choose Partnered Independence With Sanctuary Wealth

The new eleven-person firm was created by two former Merrill Lynch teams in order to create a superior advisory experience for clients at any asset level

Two advisor teams that oversaw more than $1 billion at Merrill Lynch joined Sanctuary Wealth as Auric Capital Partners. The teams will form a single independent practice and operate from Denver and Orange County, California. They say they made the move because they wanted greater freedom in structuring their practice. They considered a variety of options including opening their own registered investment advisor. In the end, they opted for Sanctuary because they wanted to be independent, but with support. “When we met with the team at Sanctuary, we were instantly comfortable with their culture and how they have constructed their business model,” said William Schellenberg, Partner, Managing Director, Advisory, Auric Capital Partners. “It was a refreshing change from what we had experienced in the past and definitely got us excited.”

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