Are You Ready to Make the Move to Independence?

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Are you ready for independence? There certainly is plenty to think about as you consider embarking on the next phase of your career — from your personal lifestyle preferences to your future goals and, especially, a reality check on your current business. This quiz will help you determine whether or not the move to independence may be right for you and what is the best way to go about it.

There are no right or wrong answers, so take your time, have fun with it. Above all, be honest about the career you have and the career you’ve always wanted. Once you’ve answered all the questions, submit your answers.

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What type of Financial Advisor are you?


Do you own the relationship with your clients or do they belong to your firm?


Do you feel conflicted about the products you are able to offer your clients?


Does your firm help you acquire new clients?


Are you satisfied with your firm’s compensation grid and do you feel that it values your practice fairly?


Are you able to use a variety of tools such as blogs, social media, streaming video and e-mail to build your brand?


Do you think the Fiduciary Standard is too rigorous?


Do you feel that the level of compliance required by your firm is reasonable and sufficient for your practice?


How would you rate your firm’s technology?


Do you have the freedom to offer product solutions customized to service individual client needs?


How does your firm’s interpretation of regulation and risk impact your ability to grow your business?


How would you best describe the culture of your firm?

Here Are Your Results...

You may be just where you need to be. Your current employee seems like a good fit, and if you’re content, so are we. But we’d like to stay in touch with you just in case. Please click here and we will be pleased to share with you our industry insights.

Do we sense some kernels of discontent? It sounds as if you may have already started thinking about how you want to spend the rest of your career. We’ve seen many Advisors like you who are ready and capable of moving, so why not learn more about how we can help you find greater fulfillment and financial freedom through an alternative model of independence?

Let’s make this simple: the wirehouse model is no longer able to satisfy both your needs and, most important, the needs of your clients. We at Sanctuary Wealth want to share with you a fresh look at independence that can help you recharge your career and earnings power. Click here and let’s connect. We’ll do a full review of your current practice, explore your goals and dreams, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a more satisfying career, greater income potential and a more meaningful relationship with your clients.

Want to learn more about partnered independence? Contact Sanctuary Wealth today. Whatever your stage of readiness, our team of accomplished Advisors can share with you our insights and experiences to help you become better informed about various models for doing business as an Advisor today.

The scores provided above are solely for illustration purposes and the results set forth above do not constitute financial, legal or other types of advice.

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